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Unitainer Trading UAE FZE Sharjah

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Company Profile

Unitainer Trading UAE FZE Profile

UNITAINER, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany was founded by Mr. Dirk Hoffmann who is the Managing Director of the company. With over 30 years of industry experience, Mr. Hoffmann was successful in branching UNITAINER to a number of locations like Hamburg, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China and can also cater to clients located in Europe, Russia, USA, South America, GCC, India, Africa, South-East Asia and Australia. We trade in both Brand New and second hand containers of all types and sizes with a wide clientele through-out the world and also cater to special projects with our own tailor made units. Our dedicated and experienced business partners in Europe and overseas guarantees the reliable performance of all our business transactions. We offer a wide variety of storage and shipping container options including, but not limited to sales or rentals of new or used:
20ft & 40ft Standard Containers, 20ft & 40ft High-cube Containers, 20ft & 40ft Open Top Containers, 20ft & 40ft Flat Racks, 20ft & 40ft Reefer Containers, Customized containers, Offshore Containers

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