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Union Fiber Glass Factory LLC Dubai

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Fiber Glass Gratings | Fiber Glass Hand Rail | Fiber Glass Ladders | Fiber Glass Tanks

Company Profile

Union Fiber Glass Factory LLC Profile

Union Fibre Glass Factory L.L.C, an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company was established in 1988. Identifying the scope of innovation in the realm of glass reinforced plastic; the fledged factory forayed into the manufacture of GRP products, with an aim to enlarge the utility of GRP and to diversify into production of very large range of GRP products. Over the years it has proved its credentials as a reliable source for many domestic, industrial and marine products made of GRP.
Upholding stringent quality standards with a spirit of innovation the factory has grown into a force to reckon within products ranging from Pultruded profiles, GRP gratings, handrails, walkways, cable trays, GRP structural fabrications, etc.

Union Fibre Glass Factory L.L.C engages state-of-the-art technology and hardcore technicians to bring out products that meet the discerning demands of our customers, mainly in the GCC countries. We have many years of experience in the Design, Development, Manufacture and Erection of various kinds of composite products, guided by experienced and qualified technical hands.

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