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Unichem Trading FZE Fujairah

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Unichem Trading FZE - Profile

Established in 2007, Unichem Trading LLC offers its valuable clients selected products to use in marine industry including WPC decking(Standard and FR), Raw Material for boat manufacturing, Marinas accessories in addition to professional services including maintenance works for Marinas and boats.
Dura Grating Fibreglass FRP Floor Grating and Grid Flooring is the ideal solution for safe flooring in industry
Dura Grating is an anti-slip composite floor grating system constructed from fibreglass and is the market-leading GRP flooring choice. Dura Grating is the original fibreglass grating product, with over 21 years in the marketplace and a fantastic warranty for peace of mind. Ourfibreglass grating replaces galvanised steel, metal and stainless steel grating in a range of industrial applications thanks to its low weight, non corrosive and high strength properties. Fiberglass Dura Grating weighs one third of stainless steel grating, is easier to install and does not require heavy lifting equipment for installation or removal for routine servicing.
Our standard range of fiberglass grating products have an Isophthalic Polyester resin finish. Other resins such as Phenolic resin with low smoke and superior fire resistance are also available. Please consult your Dura Composites representative for more information.
After earning almost a decade experience in supplying top of the line products focusing on several technical factors such as Durability, exclusivity, configurability, safety, environment and compliance with up to date international standards, Unichem trading with help of R&D team of its sister company, managed to bring the best in product development in terms of raw material to serve the international and local market.
Our commitment to quality and continual improvement is demonstrated in our products, processes and service, Our ISO 900l registered quality system ensures consistent, reliable and capable processes which provide on-time delivery of high quality products each and every time.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152