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Ultracare LLC Dubai

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Established in 2001, our company 'Ultracare' is the region's leading manufacturer of hygiene tissue paper products. Boasting a 36,000 square feet facility located in Dubai Investment Park, it is renowned amongst its peers for its high capacity and production flexibility. Manufacturing the complete range of tissue paper products for both the retail and institutional segments, we at Ultracare are proud to be the preferred choice for private label manufacturing.

In addition to manufacturing tissue paper products, we give additional value to our clients through the extensive range of tissue paper dispensers. A technically qualified installation team is available to mobilize large installations and to recommend the correct use of dispensers to minimize product wastage.

As the hygiene industry is reinventing, so are we! With so many hygiene products and evolving trends, we bring to you Link Supplies by Ultracare. Through Link Supplies, we offer PPE disposables, catering disposables and cleaning products. Every client will experience the fulfilment of one source supply from us at Ultracare. We are extremely reliable with our deliveries and have products to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.


To be the leaders in the industries we operate in by guiding our clients and empowering them to make better choices in their selection of available hygiene solutions best suited to their needs.


Aspiring to become a world class hygiene solution provider by being a top-of-mind brand when it comes to hygiene care at a global level in each industry that we
operate in.

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