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Company Profile

Ufix General Trading LLC Profile

The Vision
UFIX started as a one man team which was founded by todays Managing Director Mohammed Z. Vadia. Mohammed had a vision of providing recognized brands for the construction, maintenance and DIY industries. This included a large range of building materials for projects and contractors to tools and spare parts for DIY enthusiasts. He wanted to provide quality products and a service which enabled customers to purchase everything they needed from one place. A one stop shop solution.
The First Step
The first thing Mohammed had to do was meet up and explain his vision to suppliers and manufacturers. Which was to create an online website where purchases could be made and delivered to the customer within 24 hours. The database of suppliers was built up and many recognized it as a good idea and were prepared to be represented through Mohammeds website. An investment was needed to create the website and Mohammed had to use the savings he had to start up. The website was launched in December 2010 and named, the UAEs number one website for building materials, tools and much more.
Expansion Determination+Belief =Success
Due to its rapid growth and success, UFIX started to build a team of people who were hard working and just as dedicated as Mohammed to make his vision grow bigger. UFIX wanted to be more than just a website, it was time to re-brand, expand out of the UAE and become UFIX Middle East. It was an exciting time to even see the first official set of stationary being designed and made. It was no longer, just UFIX, more than just a website.

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