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Turner & Miller International LLC Dubai

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Turner & Miller International LLC Profile

Turner & Miller was founded to serve the market need for a high-quality Import Substitution heavy equipment manufacturer for industries such as Cement, Mining, Aluminium, Chemical and Petrochemical. At the time of inception of Turner & Miller, India as a country, was highly dependant on imported machinery and imported spare parts for the same. Erection & Commissioning of the imported machines were a long, tedious and expensive process. In case of break down, replacement parts and skilled service manpower were keeping down time sometime up to months. Turner & Millers objective is to design, prototype, indigenously manufacture and supply high quality, competitively priced industrial parts and machinery in the shortest possible time and to reduce downtime to a minimum. This policy has made Turner & Miller a successful company. The companys performance on particularly challenging jobs has resulted in full satisfaction and we have acquired a reputation for competence, reliability and resourcefulness. Sales and assets have risen dramatically and Turner & Miller is now serving the Indian Sub continent and beyond.

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