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Turath Al Mandi Restaurant Dubai

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Turath Al Mandi Restaurant Profile

Turath Al Mandi is a casual dining restaurant located in the popular neighborhood of Jumeirah, Dubai, which brings a history long culinary experience to the modern scenery of Dubai. Turath Al Mandi presents the authentic cuisine from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula in a trendy modern fashion. Our menu contains a diverse assortment of popular dishes from Felix Arabia in addition to signature dishes developed by our chefs. The flavors and ingredients stay true to the local identity of the region but are often fused with those from India, Africa, the Fertile Crescent and Europe. Our chefs and cooks are experienced with traditional and modern ways of cooking and therefore we made sure we have traditional ovens (Mandihole ovens & bread tanoor) and the best equipped kitchen. The food is presented in several ways utilizing standard flatware and traditional ware for special dishes. In addition to salads and desserts, the main course menu is divided into meat, chicken and seafood sections. Juices menu contains several traditional drinks such as raisins and dried apricot. Our hot beverages menu includes traditional Arabic coffee made in various ways that represent different regions in Arabia. Everything is encompassed in the most unique setting that contains rustic design framed with modern elements. The colors and radiance of the restaurant set the mood for a very unique dining experience. For an authentic Arabian cuisine, served in modern style, Turath Al Mandi is your destination.

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