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Truebell Marketing & Trading LLC Sharjah

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Truebell Marketing & Trading LLC Profile

Our journey began in 1984 with a foray into the food industry and within a short span established ourselves as one of the preferred suppliers in the industry.
Over the years, Truebell has diversified their business interest in Ship supplies, Luxury Goods, Beverages, Travel services, Hospitality, Cafes & Restaurants, Health care products, Relief & Development agency supplies, Export to Indian Ocean Islands, Retail & Food service distribution.
Truebell has earned respect as a leading Importer & Distributor in the United Arab Emirates making a mark for itself in the lucrative export markets, across the MENA region and the islands of the Indian Ocean.
Truebells success is credited to the 600+ qualified, trained and motivated professionals. They are equally supported by innovative sourcing techniques, advanced computerized stock monitoring systems and strong financials which in turn ensures high levels of efficiency.

Our Mission
Chosen destination for partners and employees
Diversify & constantly strive for excellence in whatever we do
Dare to dream big & work together to realize it

Our Values-in-Action
Our values-in-action are listening, learning and leading
We listen because what matters for consumers is what matters for our business
We learn because by learning we grow
We lead because by leading we create tomorrows success

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