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Toray Membrane Europe Dubai


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Toray Membrane Europe Profile

Toray, a leading global membrane manufacturer for water purification and wastewater reclamation, offers expertise in water and wastewater treatment technologies. Toray is one of a very few companies with manufacturing and application expertise across the entire spectrum of high-performance water treatment membranes, including reverse osmosis (RO), ultra-filtration (UF) and micro-filtration (MF) membranes as well as membrane bioreactors (MBR) modules. Our approach for integrated membrane technology solutions, such as MF/RO, UF/RO or MBR/RO technology helps our customers to improve their competitiveness and plant performance. To ensure consistent product quality and superior performance, Toray\s state-of-the art RO element automated winders assemble membranes using highly automated manufacturing technology.
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