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Temperatures Asia A/C Central Sharjah


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Air Conditioning And Refrigeration | Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair | Air Curtains | Chiller & Refrigerators | Under Counter Bar Coolers

Company Profile

Temperatures Asia A/C Central Profile

Our Company is one of the fastest growing companies in U.A.E. dealing with, Heating and Ventilation & Air-Conditioning projects, Manufacturing & Trading of industrial chillers, Swimming pool heat pump etc..

We understand that just providing a simple air-conditioning service does not satisfy the need of the hour anymore. It is the time where the whole world is having a new perception about the way resources are being utilized. Considering this fact, we have built up our policies to this emerging situation and conceptualized our motto - "towards a greener future…."

Our Managing, Engineering & Manufacturing team carries extensive experience in Electro-Mechanical field with multiple successful installations in various Gulf countries.


Our philosophy is highlighted by the following guidelines:

To deliver the highest standards in our services by treating both customers and employees with utmost respect and trust.
To maintain quality control at all levels of our operations for the utmost satisfaction of our customers.
To create innovative solutions in our operations and utilize the available best advanced environment friendly technology to achieve our goal of a greener future.
To coordinate with all levels of staff, in order to pursue and manage any project, right from the conceptual stage to the implementation and completion of the project.

Our objectives are committed to maintaining a balance between the interests of our customers, our share holders and our staff.

Our customers are our strategic partners with whom we work closely to seek solutions, which will add value to their own systems and installations. Their problems are our challenges, for which we are eager to offer innovative, cost-effective & reliable products and solutions, fully fit for the purpose intended, without compromising on quality and the possibility of conservation of resources at any stage.

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