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Tecnalco Technical Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co Dubai


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Tecnalco Technical Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Co Profile

TECNALCO DUBAI was established in 1990 and has made its name as a supplier of high quality air distribution devices and duct accesories to a wide range of discriminating customers.
We are dedicatedly producing various kinds of air treatment terminals, suach as Grilles, Registers, Lenear bar grilles, Square diffusers, slote diffusers, round diffusers, perforated diffusers, Air Louvers, Exhaust Valves, Door Grilles, etc
standard of finish.The powder is electro statically applied to ensure it gets to all areas. Selected TECNALCO products have been tested for powder coating by JOTUN powder coating lab according with ASTM BH7 and DIN 50017
TECNALCO is a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 certified company and therefore maintains high quality standards.TECNALCO employes are efficient snd highly skilled manpower. A team of experienced Managers and Engineers fo ensure quality of materials. We have been working with famous consultants since 1983 and are confident of approval from any consultant or construction company due to the high quality of our products.
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