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Techniche Occupational Hygiene & Safety Requisites Trading LLC Dubai

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Techniche Occupational Hygiene & Safety Requisites Trading LLC Profile

At TECHNICHE we believe that exceptional protective gear works hard to keep the user safe without compromising on comfort. Our focus hence is on supplying products that offer the right balance of safety, comfort, fit, ease of use and style to deliver an unparalleled user experience. We bring you the best solutions out there to combat heat stress and UV radiation in the challenging middle eastern weather. We are the primary distributor for cooling apparel from Techniche International (USA) and sun protection accessories from multiple manufacturers. Our cooling vests and accessories are activated by simply immersing in water. They help those working/playing outdoors stay cool and comfortable during the summer months. Our sun protection accessories include sun masks, arm sleeves etc. that protect against the harmful UV radiation.
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