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Tatra Safety Tools Trading Abu Dhabi

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About the Company

Tatra Safety Tools Trading started out in 2007 as a general maintenance company. Since then, it has diversified into oil fields and services, trading of PPES and safety, equipment onshore and offshore services, etc. The company was established with the mission to serve the workforce with the world's most recognized personal safety equipment.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Tatra Safety has a dedicated team of passionate and experienced workforce, expertise in the various aspects of safety. It has a vision is to be the regions leading provider of safety solutions that protect workers when life is on the line, something that it has been following with all honesty.

Products and Services Offered

Tatra Safety provides a wide range of products from all over the world, some of which are:

1.Fire Extinguishers
2.Industrial Sirens
3.First Aid Kits and Burn Kits
4.Breathing Apparatus
5.Marine Equipment
6.Eye Wash Station
7.Spill Kits Oil and Chemical
8.Gas Detectors
9.Safety Shoes
10.Safety Respiratory Protection
11.Safety Harness

Tatra is also the authorized dealer and stockiest providing a different range of products such as safety gloves, vests, masks, helmets and shoes, harness workers uniform, earplug, earmuffs, etc. The company provides extreme levels of safety to workers in a wide range of industries like the oil field, construction, government sector, etc. It is involved in import and export trading and maintenance services as well.

Its dedication to delivering high-quality and dependable products for its client's employees and ensuring and ensuring that their worksites are safe is what the company stands out for. The company aims to provide a superior customer experience, which begins with the development of high-quality products and continues with service that exceeds customer satisfaction, affordable prices, and timely delivery.


The company Tatra Safety Tools Trading is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification. The company attributes its success to its people who are renowned for their professionalism and commitment. The company also provides aftermarket support along with a range of high-quality products from USA, Europe, Japan, and India.

The products and services of the company are backed by testimonials from companies such as Netsfy Tech who have been using their services for 10 years. The company Archpt Co has been using the services of Tatra Safety for the past seven years and has testified to the company's abilities to solve a wide range of issues with minimum hassle.

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