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Brands listed

  • BENTEC SpA Chemicals
  • CAPELLE Chemicals & Pigments
  • CELFLOW Chemicals & Chemical Products
  • DEUREX Waxes
  • DURA CHEMIC Driers
  • EPOCHEMIC Epoxy Hardeners
  • GULF REDUCTION Chemicals
  • KRAMER Resins
  • KUSUMOTO CHEM Solvent Based Additives
  • LUVOTHIX Chemicals & Chemical Products
  • MEKO Anti Skinning Agent
  • MICRO CHEM Pigmented Beads
  • MIDWEST ZINC Chemicals
  • MIOX Protective Pigment
  • MUNZING Chemicals
  • ROLFES PIGMENT Chemicals/Pigments
  • SANWA Chemicals
  • SCHULKE & MAYR Chemicals
  • SILYSIAMONT Matting Agents
  • US ZINC Zinc Dust/Zinc Oxide


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