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Sun Logistics LLC Profile

Commencing operations in 1979 as an international ocean freight broking company, the parent entity later diversified laterally into Freight Consulting, Fleet Ownership, Customs Clearing and Forwarding and agency representation.

The company draws its strength from the rich experience that each of the department heads brings to the table. Experience that has helped mould a product that is customer-centric, price attractive, flexible and exhaustive.

Sun Logistics is a solidly stable company - financially and managerially. A perennial desire to excel and enhance the knowledge perspective constantly raises the bar on performance. It is this desire that has led the company to be at the fountainhead of evolution in the Indian shipping business offering such innovative products as Tank Containers and Flexi Tanks.

No stone is left unturned in this desire to be the best and deliver likewise. Infrastructure, people and processes... indeed, this Sun will never set.

Sun Logistics Is indeed a total Logistics Company

Single window has become a much abused term in marine logistics. Many claim the status but few are able to deliver.

Sun Logistics did not start out as a single window player. Over three decades, the company strategically added various facets to become a truly single-window service. Today, when the company calls itself single-window, it means just that: Single Window!

Created, owned and operated by the Sunder sons Group of Companies, Sun Logistics has many strings to its bow, offering everything from freight management, transportation, warehousing and custom clearance to tank containers, Flexi tanks, Haz logistics and contractual businesses.


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