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Spesco Middle East LLC Dubai

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Abrasive Recovery | Aluminium Oxide | Blast room | Blasting Equipment | Contracor | Garnet | Glass Beeds | Heat Induction | Ovens | Paint Rooms | Sand Blasting Equipment | Spray Paint Booth | Spraying Equipment | Steel Grit & Shots

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About The Company

Our aim is to become the largest Surface Preparation Solution provider in the Middle East, known for its quality, technology, fully integrated range, innovation, dynamism coupled with ethical behavior and build long lasting customer relationships that makes us the preferred supplier.

Whether it's a simple tool or a major labor saving device, Spesco is in the business of providing solutions. We make it our business to listen to your needs and provide you not only with the right equipment, but also with expert advice and training support you need to get the job done.

We believe in establishing long term business relationships with our clients by providing them with nothing short of the best. This approach of ours has helped us in meeting their requirements, offering complete solutions in terms of quality goods with complete adherence to timely delivery.

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