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Shibaam Computers LLC Dubai

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Shibaam Computers LLC is a Dubai based IT company that delivers technology solutions and services in the fields of Enterprise Computing, Data Networking & Security, Telecommunication, WIMAX, Access Control, etc. The company offers products and services to its customers to improve their processes while also reducing the IT and infrastructure costs.

The company's business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships with its clients and encourage the success of both the parties for mutual benefit. Whether you are a corporate client or an individual looking for IT home services, Shibaam Computers is there to help you out.

Products and Services Offered

Shibaam Computers provides cost-effective solutions for both large scales as well as small scale enterprises. It has extensive knowledge of the technologies used in today's era and is perfectly capable of delivering industry standards services as well as solutions.

Some of the IT services provided by the company are:

1. Structured Cabling
2. CCTV & Security Solutions
3. Fingerprint & Time Attendance System
4. Hardware & Software
5. Networking
6. PABX Solutions
7. Website Designing

The company is the only agency that provides all types of digital services along with full access to its experienced team which is professional, honest, and reliable in its dealings. It follows all the international standards when it comes to managing the projects. All the project management tools are used to communicate with the clients and for tracking the progress of the project along with regular follow-ups with the clients. The developers used the latest technologies along with standard frameworks
to build the projects.

The company is also one of the best design companies when it comes to UI and UX in Dubai. It also has several high-profile clients and partners such as Sparonio Pizzeria, Cupcakery, Vintage National Miles, Brand Grill House, Mister Bronx, etc.


Shibaam Computers LLC has 5+ years of experience in the UAE market. The company can easily help you grow your business with the help of object driven marketing using Google Ads, Social Media, SEO, and more. The company has over 3540 satisfied customers along with 4000 happy clients which are a testimony to the quality of services offered by the company.

There is also a dedicated mobile app of the company which can help save your time by providing the relevant information in an easy to access way. Also, you can easily get an instant quote for the services offered by the company by visiting their website or by using the mobile app for free.
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