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Sel Car Rental LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

Sel Car Rental LLC Profile

SEL Car Rental comprises of brand new fleet encompassing economical and luxurious vehicles with special emphasis on safety, security and grooming. The scope of services include Car Hire, Limousine and Chauffeur Service for private and corporate use.
The SEL Car Rental and Limousine Services is headquartered in Business Bay with rental desks in One Business Bay Tower. On an expansion drive, it will soon be operational through leading Hotel concierges in Dubai and other emirates of UAE.


To build a fleet comprising of the best vehicles and make it available to every segment of the customer base assuring them the best value for money. Develop and maintain a dedicated team of passionate individuals to serve and build a long-term association with our customers and suppliers.


To lead the Car Rental and Limousine industry by defining service excellence and building unmatched customer satisfaction.


Offer much more than value for money

Customer Satisfaction

SEL strives to put customer satisfaction at the forefront by providing a hassle-free experience. With an uncompromising dedication in continuously improving the products and services offered, SEL is committed to surpass expectations.
To exceed the expectations of every customer by offering exceptional services with flexible terms to suit every need and ensuring well-maintained vehicles, along with outstanding operational efficiency.


Experience an unforgettable level of service
The chauffeurs at SEL get extensive training and have an impeccable driving record. They are adept at what they do, rigorously trained on safe driving, communication skills, navigation, onsite co-ordination and customer service. They are attentive, discreet, courteous, multilingual, and also act as your personal concierge.
The importance of your journey is paramount to SEL, and it is ensured that you reach you destination on time, whether it is a business meeting, airport transfer or an evening out.

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