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Sajid Auto Spare Parts Trdg Est Sharjah

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Alternators | Flywheel with gear | Forklifts | OEM parts | Turbo charger replacement | Unit Pumps | air flow sensors | clutch disc sachs | clutch pressure plate sachs | comfort control units | unit fuel injector

Company Profile

About The Company

1980s Started as a Liquefied Petrol Gas (LPG) distribution and supply chain solutions. Later expanding to HVAC and facility management services.

1990 The company was officially registered and trademarked under 'Time Gas Distribution & Services'

1993 The company quickly expanded into a complete EPCM company providing services worldwide. Our expertise in supplying obsolete and hard to get
parts helped us win several projects supporting military around the world.

1997 The company had a surge in export of specialized spares for transport and oil & gas industries in African sector, paving way to the establishment of a
dedicated export division with keen interest in the Middle East and African markets. This was the beginning of SAJID Auto.

2000s The company was consolidated under one roof re-branding itself as Time Automotive Inc. With several smaller companies operating under it both
locally and internationally.

2019 The company launches Middle East's first online truck parts store with over 10,000 items listed, shipping worldwide.

'The World's Local Source for Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Parts.'

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152