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Digital Locks | Mobile Shelving | Physical Security | Safes | Strong Door Vault

Company Profile

About The Company

Safe Master LLC was incorporated in the year 1993 with objective of carrying out business activities in the trading and supplying a full range of security equipment with reliable world-wide suppliers from Spain, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Switzerland.

We are managed by highly skilled and licensed personnel with combined experience of 20 years in the security and safety industries. Safe Master LLC is expanding business In DOHA, Qatar & Oman.

Safe Master is the leading provider of Security Equipment, Fire Safes , Locks , Data Safes and Filing Cabinets in the Gulf region.

Our products and solutions help organizations and individuals store, manage and protect their digital content. Safe Master storage and security portfolio includes MEOM high-density, archive and solid-state optimized unified hybrid storage solutions; Diplomat SAFE mobile security solutions that address the needs of professionals for secure data transport and mobile workspaces; and consumer storage solutions, audio products and accessories sold under the Safe Master, Memorex and TDK Life on Record brands. Safe Master reaches customers in more than 100 countries through a powerful global distribution network.

Safe Master has successfully delivered storage solutions across many industries. Our solutions reduce costs and data storage complexity while accomplishing three important principles for data storage:

Store - The ability to efficiently and easily transfer and store organizational data both onsite and offsite.

Protect - Ensure data integrity and security during transfer and storage.

Connect - Allowing anytime, end-user access to the data through resilient storage.

In addition to the Safe Master product brand, our global brand portfolio includes:

MEOM - Safe Master MEOM solutions meet the challenge of protecting today's mobile workforce, featuring secure USB solutions for data transport and mobile work spaces

Diplomat SAFE - Master Diplomat SAFE portfolio features solid-state optimized unified hybrid storage systems, secure automated archive solutions and high-density enterprise storage arrays.

Phoenix - One of the most trusted and recognized consumer brands in American marketing history, famous for the slogan Is it live, or is it Memorex

Booil Safes - One of the world's leading recordable media brands, licensed exclusively by Imation.

The Safe Master on Record logo is used under a trademark license from Safe Master Corporation. Safe Master Life on Record is not affiliated with LifeOnRecord.

Vision, Mission, Values
We help people and organizations store, protect and connect their digital world.

Safe Master has been focused on enabling the digital age and protecting critical data for decades.

Safe Master uses its global footprint to leverage strength with customers and channels.

Corporate Responsibility
At Safe Master, we believe that doing good is also good for business.

Safe Master seasoned executive team executes corporate strategy under a unified mission and vision.

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