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Roma Enterprises LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

About the Company

Roma Enterprises started in the year 1978 as a supplier of marine equipment and rigging hardware. It basically catered to the oil and natural gas industry. In the early 1980s, most of the specialized products from imported from foreign countries such as India, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Pakistan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Hence, the company, based in Dubai, UAE, flourished immensely.

Today, Roma Enterprises is the leading supplier and stockiest in the Middle East region. Besides having a solid presence in the domestic market, the company aims to expand internationally and ensure customer satisfaction by providing high quality and certified products.

Products and Services Offered

Roman Enterprises is the leading supplier of marine deck stores, offshore equipment, oilfield equipment, and consumable supplies to the construction and marine industry. The major product categories that the company deals in are:

1. Cable - Welding Cable
2. Chains - Alloy Chain, Galvanized Chain, SS Link Chain
3. Dewatering - Sunny Hose
4. Fittings - Camlock Coupling Type C, D, E, F, DC, DP, A, B, Universal Coupling (Europe and USA type), Blank Ends, Triple Connections, Joint Couplings, Interlock Clamps, Hose
Mender, Combination Nipple, Short Shank, Male & Female Bauer Coupling, Bolt Clamp, Spiral Clamp, Basket Strainer, Seal Washer, Steel Ring, Foot Valve, etc.
5. Gasket Sheets - Ferolite NAM 30Y, Ferolite NAM 39, Ferolite-333, Ferolite -Steel
6. Lifting Equipment - Manual Stacker, Pallet Trucks, Scissor Lift Table
7. Rigging Hardware - Connecting Links, Hooks, Thimbles, Turn Buckles, Load Binder, Wire Rope Clip
8. Rope

The company provides products of some well-known and reliable brands such as George Taylor, Manho Wire & Rope, Stallion, Kangtai, PWB Anchor, Ferolite, Kuwes, and Toyo. Its rigging and offshore equipment envelop an assortment of segments that can be utilized to secure and distribute the load with a specific end goal to encourage the moving procedure and guarantee that it is finished effectively.


Roma Enterprise has a dedicated client base, thanks to its world-class products and services. It has been generating a revenue of $5 Million and has been on a path of constant growth. With several decades of experience, it has built up a strong reputation in the Middle East market and now supplies to various clients globally.

All the products provided by the company are certified for safety. Also, they come from some popular brands, and hence, the quality is assured. The company stands dedicated to ensure customer commitment, product quality, integrity, teamwork, and personal accountability.

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