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Rajput General Trading LLC Dubai

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Flexible Cables | Highbay Fittings | LED Bulbs | LED Fittings | LED Floodlights | LED Tubes | Single Core Cables

Company Profile

Rajput General Trading LLC - Profile

Rajput General Trading LLC is one of the region's largest importers, exporters, distributors and suppliers of electrical and LED lighting equipment. Our products range from light fixtures to cables, CFLs to LEDs, switches, sockets, earthing equipment and the entire range of electrical accessories, thus dealing in all products encompassing the electrical and lighting sphere. With over 40 years of substantial market knowledge and expertise, the firm boasts quality imports from Japan, Malaysia, Holland, Turkey, France, Poland, India and China. To serve as a comprehensive one stop shop for all kinds of electrical and LED Lighting needs, Rajput General Trading LLC controls its head operations from Dubai, U.A.E in order to cater to both the local as well as export needs of our clientele. We are also authorized dealers of various well-known brands such as Philips, GE Lighting, Osram, Ducab, Vini Tape, Khind, KDK, Bajaj and Orient Fans and we uphold the importance of marketing and supplying these brands to the region.

"Quality goods and timely service to our clients" being the objective that governs the company, the team at Rajput General Trading LLC aims to understand the requirements of the clients thoroughly in order to optimally serve and supply to them. Our clientele include a large number of contractors, distributors, wholesalers, resellers located within and outside the United Arab Emirates with whom our teams work very closely in order to obtain feedback on products and services for further enhancement and improvement.

Our distinctive brands METRO GOLD, R-MAX, R-OK AND LGR are acknowledged for their unmatched quality standards and pricing strategy, enabling us to have a substantial competitive edge against competitive brands available in the market. Our dedicated team of marketing, sales and engineering staff aim to provide quality services to our clients with the aim of capturing maximum market share and attaining brand recognition. It is due to this reason that we ensure our clients, both potential and existing, of regular supply and optimum service quality which we believe stands as the USP for Rajput General Trading LLC.

Rajput General Trading LLC not only specialises in the local distribution of our product range but also covers exports to Kenya, Uganda, Rwada, Nigera, Niger, Libya, Mozambique, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc. As an ancillary service, we also provide loading and cargo facilities to our clients that require assistance in the field.

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