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RGS GULF is one of

RGS GULF is one of the Gulf's leading building materials trading and services organisations. Having begun its services in the UAE in 1975, the company has expanded operations and areas of activity to establish itself as one of the largest and most trustworthy groups in the industry.

An understanding of the changing demands of the market and the dedication to providing excellent quality at reasonable rates has provided the necessary impetus towards success.

Today, the RGS Group's activities span the areas of Manufacture, Services and Trading.

Almost all the manufacturing units have been set up as backward integration projects, which have helped the company in its growth.

All the units of RGS Gulf are manned by specialist teams comprising qualified engineers and technicians with extensive work experience, apart from a highly skilled, dedicated and competent work force.

The materials that go into fabricating products at the manufacturing units are of the best quality available, and ensure the highest levels of safety and aesthetic appeal.

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