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Rajab Middle East (FZE) Sharjah

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Rajab Middle East (FZE) Profile

Back in the early seventies, Rajab Trading Company started - off as a "small size" business with only two staff. There were hardly any roads, high-rise buildings or air - conditioners around. Over the years through the great leap - forward..., Rajab Group of companies took its own stride... expanding its sphere of activities to IT, Construction, Building Materials Trading, Cargo and to Oil -field and Personal Safety Products business. Now Rajab Middle East FZE, the groups youngest member has already made imprints in to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and lately to African countries besides developing a strong client base in the United Arab Emirates.
Insha allah... with our dedicated marketing team Rajab will surely climb heights in the years to come.
Rajab Middle East FZE, Sharjah has already become a synonym for Safety here-and-everywhere with its diversified product range. We offer a full range of safety products at affordable and competitive prices. Rajab believes in safety for everyone "in style" with quality and 100% customer satisfaction. We have products to cater all the different category of work force. We hold in excess of 100,000 pairs of safety shoes at all times in our logistic centre and deliver stocks promptly.
We are a professionally managed company based on true business ethics and values.

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