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Papyrus Stationery LLC Dubai

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Embossing Seal | Handy Stamp | Lacer Rubber Sheet | Reiner | Shiny

Company Profile

Papyrus Stationery LLC established in

Papyrus Stationery L.L.C established in 1996 as one of the leading importers & exporters in Dubai - U.A.E. in field of Office Supplies, professional & specialist in Self Inking Stamps and Stamp Industries. Over the years, with the strong support of its customers around the U.A.E. and Middle East could develop its business in much higher class.
We are dealing with both local & International Market in wide range of Office products with our best services &quality.Today, Papyrus Stationery is U.A.E sole agent for SHINY brand Stamps which is now one of the most powerful brands in Stamp Industry. Our mission is to deliver customers the best available products at a standard international quality.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152