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Panache Building Materials Trading LLC Dubai


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Company Profile

About the Company

Panache Building Materials Trading was established in the year 2007 in Dubai, UAE. The company is a well-known supplier of building materials in Dubai and aims to provide high-quality products and equipment at affordable rates.

The company has significantly expanded its business activities in recent years. This is a testament to its commitment to safeguarding citizen interests along with the environment and the locality. Even though it has gone through several challenging periods due to the global economic slowdown, the company has always emerged unscathed and managed to achieve significant growth thereafter. Its main assets are the hard-working, experienced, and multi-skilled people it employs.

Products and Services Offered

The company provides a wide range of building materials at highly attractive rates. This range of products includes Power Tools, Paints, Protective Coatings and Paint Accessories, Quality Hardware and Hand Tools, Safety Accessories, Plumbing Items, Pipes and pipe fittings, Faucets, Electrical Items, Gypsum Materials, Timber & Steel.

Due to its recent growth, the company now offers several premium brands such as Jotun Paints & Protective Coatings, Weber-Sodamco construction chemicals, Ultratech Cement, Stanley Hand Tools, Polybit Henkel Waterproofing products, Dow Corning Silicones and Sealants, Grohe Faucets, Power Tools from premium brands like Makita, Hitachi and Bosch, and Knauf Gypsum Products, etc in Dubai.

Besides providing a wide range of products coming from some popular companies, Panache Building Materials Trading is also known for its quick and timely delivery services. It has a dedicated website that can be used to order products and equipment. Once an order is placed, it is delivered the next day by 3 pm max. Such a quick delivery service is also one of the reasons for its popularity. You get to avail of flexible payment options along with getting free delivery on all orders of 500 AED and above.


Panache Building Materials Trading LLC has a strong roster of professional and competent employees who work for the benefit of the customers. The company earns a revenue of around $4 Million which has, in turn, helped it to beat its competitors and become one of the leading companies providing miscellaneous building materials ( flooring, cabinets, etc.), building materials as well as manufacturing materials.

The company pays high importance to the use of technology. The site of the company is well-maintained and can easily lead you to choose and order the product of your requirement. It is also strategically located and continues to look forward and work for customer satisfaction.

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