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Pacific Car Rentals Dubai

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Company Profile

Pacific Car Rentals LLC and

Pacific Car Rentals LLC and Pacific General Land Transport LLC are the flag ships companies serving its customers over the last five years. The very aim of these companies is to provide quality services to its customer's at most affordable prices.

PACIFIC understand its customer needs, that is why our focus is to offer complete range of transport solutions to our customers ranging from car rental-bus rentals-cargo-Chauffeur-Driven Services-delivery-container shipments-light & heavy machinery-supply of drinking water, and sewerage water tankers at economical prices suited to the budget of our valued customers. Thus pacific means for non-stop transports services at affordable prices.

The company has successfully been providing its services to valuable customers from the day one and strived to improve quality, efficiency, affordability, and innovation.

The company is offering its services in the following areas;

1 Car & Bus Rentals
It is our core business and we are aimed at offering vehicles on rent to individuals and corporate customers for personal & official use. These vehicles are ranging from small cars to luxurious vehicles suited to budgetary limits of our customers.

In order to fulfill the needs of our corporate customers a range of vehicles are offered on rents for company executives and other staff transfers. These vehicles are available on daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis suited to the needs of our corporate customers. This service includes staff transfers, labor transport, school transport, and guest pick & drops for hotels & hospitality companies.

2. Goods Shipments Through Trucks & Trailers
Pacific Cars is aimed at offering one stop transport service to customers; we are offering goods delivery through containers and flat trailers on heavy vehicles across UAE and to various destinations in GCC We can also arrange ports clearing and settlements, custom inspections and other related services across UAE.

3. Cargo Delivery
Cargo delivery is one of the main activities at Pacific Land Transport, it is done through Heavy Duty Trucks (Trailers), light Trucks (1.00, 2.00, 4.20, 5.00, 7.00, and 10.00 Tons Pickups)

We specialize in airport transfers, inter-office transfers and outstation services. These services are available on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our commitment is to maintain the highest standard of safety for our customers at all time.

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