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Ovens Bakery & Confectioneries LLC Dubai

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Company Profile

Ovens Bakery & Confectioneries LLC Profile

Our goal is to communicate our passion, creativity, and quality of character with every freshly baked loaf. Our business is about bringing bread to life. We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and to the welfare of our employees. We recognize that fiscal responsibility and respect for the environment go hand in hand. The health and well-being of our communities begins with artful nutrition. It is our mission to bring a loaf of Ovens Bakery cakes/bread/pastry to every table. Ovens bakery holds complete customer satisfaction as its central aim. We ensure this by providing the highest standards of products and services. This philosophy is to be underpinned by establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with our suppliers and customers and caring for our staff to work towards a common goal of mutual profitability, based upon trust and respect.
What are the activities of Ovens?
Our core competence is the production and sales part of the bakery products. We are offering our services for the entire needs around. As an independent company OVENS gives you the best possible product/service for your requirement. The key aspects of the activities are our customers
In Which products categories are Ovens active?
We are concentrating on products where we are experts in Bread (Sandwich Bread, Carrot Bread, Spinach Bread, Brown Bread, Plain Bread), Cakes (Fresh Cream Cakes, Fresh Fruit Cakes, Premium Cakes, English Cake etc), Pastry, Danish pastry, Puff pastry, Croissant, Desserts
What is our Scope of service?
The experts of Ovens are offering a neutral service to our customers. Corporate Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Theme Cakes, Desserts, Snacks. We cater for parties and Business Meetings.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152