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Oman Ocean Trading LLC Dubai

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Brass | Coil Nail | Grip Sockets | Machine Screw | Washers

Company Profile

Oman Ocean Trading LLC Profile

Oman Ocean Trading L.L.C. is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and headquartered in Dubai. The Company has established a track record of leadership over a decade. With a diversified product line and motivated team of talented people, Oman Ocean has become a supplier of choice to leading customers in the automotive and industrial segments.

The product range consists of high-tensile fasteners, hardware, safety items, foundry - couplings, pulleys, sprockets. Over the years, the Company has acquired cutting-edge technological competencies in forging, metal forming, close-tolerance machining, heat treatment, surface finishing and assembly.

Manufacturing locations are supported by engineering and design personnel working on new product design and development. Understanding the global nature of business and the need to provide quality products on "just in time" basis to customers.

At Oman Ocean, growth is a natural outcome of total adherence to three core operating principles: customer orientation, total quality and ethical business practices.

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