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Ocean Pearl Ships & Boats LLC Dubai

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Boat Cleaning Products | Boat Pumps | Boats Equipments & Parts | Marine Equipment & Accessories | Yatchs Equipments & Parts

Company Profile

We take this opportunity in

We take this opportunity in introducing us as a company engaged in supply of Marine Equipment and its Accessories for Boats and Ships. We are established in Dubai and located in Jadaf Dockyard. We have accomplished a reputation and credibility by constantly striving to:
Be responsive to our customer's requirements
Always ensure in supplying quality products at a very competitive price
Place continuing emphasis on providing quality services.
The company is equipped with competent staff and adequate facilities to meet the customer's needs quickly, efficiently and reliably. Besides the United Arab Emirates market, the company is serving customers in other Gulf countries including Iran.
We are the authorized dealers and stockiest of marine equipment and accessories. We believe that your company may need our service. Should you have any requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be grateful for including us in your supplier's list and send us your inquiries. We assure you that we could provide you the best service and a very competitive price.
We hope we will be able to generate a sound business relationship and look forward to receiving from you some good inquiries.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152