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Obaid Auditing Dubai

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OBAID Auditing is a sole establishment approved by Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, UAE. It is newly established and has more than 6 years versatile professional experience to its credit. The organization has sharp client-focused culture. Our known value is the importance we attach to our involvement with the best possible attention to the audit, tax, corporate and other various matters of our clients. We are currently operating at Business Village at Dubai. We have team of professionals who are Qualified Accountants and highly experienced in their respective fields having versatile professional experience. We have Affiliation with Dubai SME (Dubai SME launched the national market in 2012, which derives its concept from the vision of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, promoting entrepreneurship and developing the national spirit among young Emiratis through the establishment of a national market to coincide with the UAE National Day celebrations.) We are in process of being placed on the Panel of Auditors of both Islamic and Commercial banks of UAE. We are a licensed establishment for provision of service of Audit along with ancillary services throughout the city of Dubai. We are also on the Panel of Auditors of the ________________________________ We have well trained staff and qualified Accountants who provide services in the respective field of accounts with at its versatility and professionalism. We have a team of highly qualified professionals skilled in their fields and having diversified experience and excellent ability to deliver quality service to our valued clients. We provide full range of Professional Services to our clients including accounting, auditing, special audit, tax, corporate matters and financial and management consultancy, advising on bank financing for new as well as existing projects, electronic data processing and other related services and assistance to public and private companies, firms, foreign companies, and various public and private organizations in UAE. We have well qualified and experienced staff consisting of Chartered Accountants, Cost and management Accountants, Tax and Corporate Lawyers, MBAs, Engineers and Consultants and Advisors at Call. The Firm has following Principal Divisions which are:- o Auditing - including internal / external and special audit o Forensic Accounting and Investigative Audit o Accountancy - Bookkeeping and Accounting o Taxation - including I

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