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Oasys Information Technology LLC Dubai

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Oasys Information Technology LLC Profile

Established in 1995 and operating from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, OASYS Information Technology specializes in the development and deployment of human resources software solutions that work to optimize the management of HR processes for medium and large businesses. OASYS plays a pivotal role in delivering perfect solutions for clients by utilizing favorable and latest technologies with software engineering skills. This helps companies align their workforce to achieve business objectives more quickly and cost efficiently. OASYS HCM increases the value of the workforce and increases the business output. OASYS has developed different editions of its human resource management application that caters to different industry requirements for managing their talent in the most competitive way. As a global leader in HR management, OASYS serves more than 500 customers in both public and private sectors across Africa and the Middle East.

Our mission is to provide businesses with a comprehensive human resource software solution that saves time and money by automating the HR functions and enhancing the information exchange like one stop solution. Our vision is to continue to evolve as the global leader in delivering best in class HR management solutions. We are dedicated to providing businesses with the products and services that suit them. As we continue to grow, we understand that we can best fuel our success by focusing on business requirements and meeting the client expectations.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152