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Nutec Overseas FZE Sharjah

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About the Company

When it comes to oilfield equipment and other industrial machinery, Nutec Overseas is one of the leading names across the UAE. Even though the market is hard to crack, Nutec Overseas has worked hard over the years to make sure that it is the go-to vendor for all major industries operating in the Oil and gas, water treatment, and wastewater treatment industry. Nutec Overseas provides and handles all of the equipment and chemicals needed by all of these industries. The company is situated in Sharjah and is one of the major suppliers across UAE in the industrial equipment and chemicals category.

Products and Services Offered

The operation and production processes of Oil&Gas, water treatment, and wastewater treatment is quite complicated. Nutec Overseas aims to provide state of the art and quality products to the leading firms in this business to ease their hardships. Some of the products supplied by Nutec Overseas include diffusers, moisture absorbents, chemicals, Water treatment plants, oilfield equipment, and chemicals used in the treatment industry.

When it comes to oilfield equipment, Nutec Overseas has everything you can possibly need. Some of their popular offerings are flow meters, control meters, testers, pumps, HVAC equipment, heat exchangers, pumps, pump accessories, transducers, underwater pumps, propellers, and other different marine accessories. You can actually find different types of pumps to suit your project with Nutec Overseas. They stock and supply centrifugal pumps, air-operated pumps, submersible pumps, metering pumps, positive displacement pumps, and FRP pumps.

In the treatment industry, Nutec Overseas is a leading supplier of RO plants, water treatment plants, Sewage treatment plants, Oil water separator, water disinfector, various filtration systems, Ozonator, odor control systems, and pool accessories. The aeration product industry is quite a niche, and this company is the best place to find all your needs like a diffuser, fab media, filter press, fill pack media, and coarse bubble diffuser.

Nutec Overseas also offers different chemical products such as silica gel, Container Desiccant Activated Alumina Desiccant, Activated alumina, and molecular sieves. These are essential for the operation of treatment plants, and Nutec Overseas supplies the best quality products at competitive prices.


Nutec Overseas is one of the few companies in the UAE to supply international standard products in the oilfield and treatment industry. All their products are per the safety and quality standards set forth by the governing authorities.

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