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Noor Al Madina Cargo Services LLC Dubai

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Noor Al Madina Cargo Services LLC Profile

Door to Door Cargo Services from United Arab Emirates to worldwide. We Noor Al-Madina Cargo Services LLC by short name "NAMCARGO" are pleased to introduce our range of value-added Door to Door Cargo service from all over U.A.E. Our sophisticated Solutions are flexibly designed to cater to your personal and commercial needs. We are offering door pick-up and door delivery services. We operate convenient and reliable high frequency scheduled services to over 99 destinations from many corners of Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Australasia, Americas. NAMCARGO is a complete Cargo & Logistics company for your needs. We combined our airport to airport transportation with additional services like customs clearance, export processing, door delivery and door pick-up. We understand the value of every minute and every shipment. We NAMCARGO are providing door to door cargo services from United Arab Emirates through Air Freight, Sea Freight and Land Transport almost every location in the world from UAE. We offer free survey as well for all cargo requirements. We are strongly doing delivery services from UAE to bellows destinations for many years experience. Such as ; India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Russia, Middle east, Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, African countries…. Normal Transition time for Air Fright Cargo will be 1 to 7 days And Transition time for Sea Freight Cargo will be normally 4 to 5 Weeks. We are providing tracking ID for all cargo movement. That can be checked online 24 hours. We are providing Special Discount for some destinations. Please check your special rate today. For Inquiry Email;[email protected] Cell.+971505629455 WhatsApp;+971555125153 Facebook;namcargollc

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