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Noor Al Khaldiah Building Materials Trading LLC Sharjah


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Company Profile

Noor Al Khaldiah Building Materials Trading LLC - Profile

Noor Al Khaldiah is a leading supplier and subcontractor of all kind of flooring and waterproofing activity in the Middle East. Noor Al Khaldiah is a trading and contracting company established in Sharjah - UAE.
We supply the Middle East market with a wide range of building products backed up with professional technical installation to ensure total customer satisfaction.
Noor Al Khaldiah is sole selling agent of leading manufacturers all around the world from Europe, America and Far East.
Thanks to our wide range of products that meet different needs of our customers, we are proud that .we contribute to pur customers' success.
We believe in giving our customer nothing but the best. We have invested in acquiring dealerships from world leading manufacturers of quality flooring tiles. We are authorised representatives of floor tiles manufacturers from the United Kingdom, Italy and China.
We are proud in providing the following services along with their material supply:
- Raised Access Floor.
- Industrial Flooring.
- Vinyl Floor.
- Carpet Wall To Wall.
- Waterproofing.
- Temporary Protection Cover.
- Partition Wall.
- Concrete Repair.
We are also specialized in selling Polishing, Grinding and Scarifier Machines and we have our own professional services unit which offers services in polishing, grinding, and scarifing floors, in addition to maintain, fix, and support those machines. We offer products from International and local suppliers such ;
The company owned and run by experienced professionals in hand with skilled and well trained workforce in various technical aspect to ensure that the clients mitigate the long process of approaching different service providers and win one stop solution to their requirements. In the same way, we at Noor Al Khaldiah, believe that the satisfaction of our staff is reflected in their work and the result it brings.
Having proven expertise and quality commitment to execute the projects with economical solutions, we believe, Noor Al Khaldiah is capable of performing a wide range of projects. A strong financial and manpower base that have been available with the company enables us to carry whether a small or large size projects with quality, excellent performance, fair and efficient in timely manner.

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