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Noble Metal Coating LLC Sharjah


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Antique finishing | Galvanising | Gold Electro Plating | PVC Coating | PVD coating | Powder Coating | Tin Plating

Company Profile

About The Company

Noble Metal Coating L.L.C was established in 2001 in Sharjah U.A.E after achieving great success in Surat India.
Gradually with the demand of the business world, we kept innovating ourselves with latest state of art technology for our quality and production. We, with our hard work and dedication, gradually have inched up the ladder of success by achieving a respectable reputation in the market through our appreciable work ethics. We have diversified our activities in a manner that makes sure our customers' demands are met at every point.
With our strong experience of 36 years and after achieving a good success in the field of Metal Coatings and after having developed a strong clientele in India as well as United Arab Emirates.
In Sharjah, with a well-equipped plant and comprising of the most modern equipments, we are able to provide our customers with the following:
Sand Blasting
Powder Coating
Electro Plating Tin, Gold and Silver
Electro Galvanising
During our entire journey, lot of changes occurred in systems and infrastructures. Nevertheless, amidst all the changes, we never compromised with on quality, prompt service and fastest possible turnaround times.
Our Vision
In today's world of a visually oriented society, where adjustment is made by appearance, we have made a mark in the construction industry by offering a wide range of colours of coated finish to the Architects and Engineers.

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