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Next Power Electronics LLC Dubai


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About The Company

Next Power Groups of company, established in 2012 is a leading high service provider Electronic Components in Dubai and establishing their branches around the GCC. They are the Manufacturer / Exporters / Service Providers / Suppliers Of IGBT Modules, Stud Thyristors, Diode Modules, Electronic Component Tester, IC Programming System, AC to DC Converter, DC To DC Converter, Limit switch, Electronic Transformer, Power Supply, Ultra cell Battery, Voltage Potentiometer, Stepper Motor, DC Motor, Arduino Starter Kit, Servo Motor, Arduino Uno, Ultrasonic Sensor, Humidity Sensor Module, IR Sensor set, Switches and indicators,, Relay, Timer, Relay Sockets, IGBT, Fuse, Fan, Contactors, Breakers etc.

We have a good number of electronic components and spare parts with our stock. - with fast, easy access to over 40,000 stocked products, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, any time as your requirement, we can be able to provide you a solution for you to carry the continued business process

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