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Muhammad Sagir Heavy Equipment Trading & Rental LLC Dubai

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Building Maintenance | Cradle Maintenance | Cradle Rental | Passenger Lift Maintenance | Tower Crane | Tower Crane Dismantel & Erection | Tower Crane Maintenance | Tower Crane Purchase | Tower Crane Sale

Company Profile


As a TOWER CRANE and CONSTRUCTION HOIST professional supplier AMEERAH BUILDING EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE LLC has been a leader in serving the construction industry since 2007 in UAE. ABEM services includes SALES, RENTAL, SERVICE & MAINTENANCE. Our experience stretches across contracts completed in almost every corner in UAE.
With over 10 years' experience providing contractors with Tower crane, Passenger/Material Hoists and other Construction Equipment and its spare parts, ABEM has developed strong relationships with lots of clients. These relationships, coupled with an extensive inventory and an extremely knowledgeable Sales Technical Staff, enables ABEM to provide exceptional customer service and the highest quality
products at competitive prices.

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ABEM is interested in working on projects where it can add value throughout the construction process, to the work of the projects with high standard quality machines, and to the investment of the building owners. This means we work together to insure a common outcome, operating as partners to help realize the full potential of every construction project.


We are committed to build a long term successful relationship with our clients and employees that is based on trust, integrity and performance. Client satisfaction is the core objective of our company. We Continue to fulfill the diverse needs of our clients with our quality services delivered within the accurate time span.


ABEM is built around a staff of experienced professionals with demonstrated capabilities to meet all challenges of a dynamic and complex construction industry. The various construction projects management teams are consistent to make the ABEM vision a daily reality. With some of the best professionals in the construction industry a finished supplied TOWER CRANE of uncompromised quality


ABEM provides services which cover from erection, maintenance, dismantling, products technical support of our supplied equipment for the successful completion of a construction project.

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