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MSG Oilfield Equipment Trading Dubai

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Fittings | Flanges | Forged Fitting | Gaskets | Isolation Joints | Pipes | Spacers | Spectacle Blinds | Stud Bolts | Valves

Company Profile

About The Company

MSG Oilfield Equipment Trading LLC specializes in products such as Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Valves, Fasteners and Gaskets.
We also possess expertise in offering our services to source Coating of Pipes & Pipe Fittings.
Moreover, if our clients demand renewed products, we support our clients by advising and suggesting good quality refurbished equipments, as per their requirements, which can be project specific.
MSG is an effort to provide its customer base an uninterrupted supply of general Oil and Gas materials, Equipment and Spare Parts world-wide and make their operational activities smoother than ever. We at MSG take every care to serve our clients with our accumulated experience of managing supplies of material for various projects as well as day-to-day requirements that shall be very hard for other companies to match. MSG is structured to be close to the end-users and other industries which are achieved through well trained support staffs and our team members who are working relentlessly to put everything in place.

Driven by a common vision and shared values, every individual of MSG is committed to the company's as well as our customers' success, and work towards enhancing its reputation of our company. We nurture a team of seasoned personnel who hold the Integrity of our organization by building cordial professional relationship with our clients, taking the ownership of the their work, standing strong with their team-members and keeping a keen eye on customer needs thus supporting the core values of MSG. We understand the importance of quality, timely delivery and always never allow to slip up anything that may dent our quality policy. MSG adopts the best practices in the industry that offers the highest value proposition to its Clients.

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