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MHI Engine System Middle East FZE Sharjah

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Corporate OverviewMitsubishi Heavy Industry corporate

Corporate Overview
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry corporate overview.
Follow Mitsubishi Heavy industries' roots dating all the way back to 1884 and see how the company has grown along with the modernization of Japan.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries -
Bringing together people and technologies on a global scale.
On land and sea, in sky and outer space, the sphere of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) knows no bounds. We have no peer as a comprehensive manufacturer of machinery, providing over 700 of the products that underpin every industry as well as urban lifestyles. Ours is always a global perspective as we develop our business to achieve harmony and balance in international society and technological innovation. With our eyes steadily on the future, we will continue to explore uncharted terrain.

To ensure that the next generation inherits a beautiful green earth and enjoys safe, comfortable lifestyles, MHI is addressing the issues of energy and environmental protection on a global scale. To create better tomorrows, our technologies extend from developing new sources of energy to building a variety of environmental systems.MHI also promotes environmental thinking in the making of each of our products to reduce the environmental burden. We will never rest from further improving and enhancing our technologies to secure the future of our beautiful globe.
The wellspring of modern Japanese industry, and a key factor behind Japan's prominence on the international stage, is our tradition of craftsmanship and engineering excellence, whether we are building unique structures or manufacturing in quantity.
MHI has played a leading part in that history. In fact, for over a century, MHI has supported people's ways of life with the latest technologies, providing many products that are the foundations of industrial activity. And that dedication to engineering excellence means that we are constantly striving to enhance performance and reliability, to maximize value for our customers through our work.

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