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MBI Fiber Glass Products Industry LLC Dubai


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Company Profile

MBI Fiberglass LLC is a

MBI Fiberglass L.L.C. is a newly established company, relying on skillful Engineers and workers with well-equipped infrastructure, which makes us one of the reliable manufacturers of Fiberglass products in our region. Based in Dubai-UAE, MBI Fiberglass manufacturing a wide range of highly performance composite products, for both commercial and recreational applications, and provides value-added services for its products including Design, Drafting, Fabrication and Installation.
MBI Fiberglass products key benefits include corrosion resistance, slip resistance, impact resistance, light weight, superior ergonomics, ease of installation and long low maintenance life cycle. These features and benefits qualify our products for extensive use in various markets and applications including restaurants hotels malls, gardens and homes.
MBI Fiberglass vows to consistently provide customers with world class quality and services which meet or exceed their expectations, and strive to enhance value to our customers, thereby providing growth and continued benefits to all associated with MBI Fiberglass.

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