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Martech General Trading LLC Dubai

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Martech General Trading LLC

3M-Cuno - Everpure - National Green
Martech is a professional and technically equipped company in providing reliable solutions, equipment and products in various fields like water treatment and purification systems.
We are dealing into water treatment and filtration systems for Ice Machine, Coffee Machine, Combi Oven , Dish Washer , Glass Washer Central filtration system for Restaurants , Hotels, Coffee Shops . We also deal with Drinking water system for Home & offices , Under Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems , whole house filtration , Shower filter , Water Softener , Multimedia filters etc.
We are dealer of Everpure and 3M Cuno for Food Services Products in UAE and selling and installing the Systems like
EVERPURE : Everpure Insurice i2000 Single Twin ,Triple Quad Systems , Everpure High Flow CSR Quad MC Systems, Everpure Claris Medium , Large , XL Systems, Kleen Steem System , Everpure MH System. i2000 Cartridge , i4000 Cartridge, 4C Cartridge , MC Cartridge , MH Cartridge , 4CB5 Cartridge , ROM20 Cartridge, 6 TO BW Cartridge available.
3M-CUNO : 3M High Flow Series systems , DP 190 System , DP 260 System , DP 290 System , BEV 140 System , BEV 160 System , BEV 190 System , SGB 165 BN System , SGP195 System , HF90 , HF60 , HF 40 , SGP 165 BN, SGP 195 BN , SGB 165 CLS , SGB 195 CLS , Scale Guard SF-18 S Cartridges also available. AP 903 , AP 904 Whole House Filtration system are also available.
NATIONAL GREEN : We deal in National Reverse Osmosis System- RO is UAE Brand and manufactured here with American Membrane , This high performance RO system is best for Drinking water. National Single , National Dual , National Triple Purification System, Shower Filter, Sediment , Carbon Filter, UV System.
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