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Maatouk Maison Du Cafe Abu Dhabi

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Maatouk Maison Du Cafe Profile

Maatouk Art & Design Company is specialized in designing and executing deluxe souvenir antiques, gifts and shields for kings, presidents, prime ministers and VIPs, that meet all needs for all public and private occasions. Maatouk Art & Design Company was established in the International Media Production Zone in Dubai, with a space of 1500 square meters, to manufacture and produce luxurious gifts that serve all needs and occasions, and meet the taste and expectations of its customers. The factory was established according to best techniques and experiences for more than 20 years in the field of manufacturing luxurious gifts that include shields, souvenirs and antiques of oriental and folkloric nature of the Gulf and the whole world. All designs requested by the clients of Maatouk Art & Design Company are executed with precision and perfection, observing the finest details, in addition to adding the artistic touches that our company is well-known for. Designs and ideas are served for our clients by a special section composed of an elite of international designers who have a long experience in the field of design and arts, so that the design and execution shall go parallel and under one roof. Production of the Company comprises all types of luxurious souvenirs served at ceremonies and events, and include oriental and folkloric gifts, formal shields for governments and VIPs, in addition to stately medals, decorations and trophies, in addition to designing and manufacturing all types of gifts for all national occasions. Maatouk Art & Design Company also equips deluxe offices and elegant houses with the best sophisticated antiques, accessories studded and inlaid with gold, silver and gems that serve all classical and contemporary tastes. Perfection and quality are the true nature of pieces manufactured by Maatouk Art & Design Company, and that caused us to be one of the world best competitive companies in the field of manufacturing and producing exotic and distinguished gifts. Gifts and souvenirs produced by Maatouk Art & Design Company are sought by those who desire for distinction in their gifts and occasions, through cooperation with our Company.
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