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Lift N Shift Equipment Trading LLC Dubai

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About the Company

UAE has a thriving construction, manufacturing, and petroleum industry. All of these industries work in dangerous and challenging conditions. Lifting equipment suppliers play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of such industrial activities. Lift N Shift Equipment Trading LLC is a well-known and trusted lifting equipment supplier in the UAE. With an office in Dubai, the company has expanded rapidly across the country since its establishment in 2011. The firm supplies all types of lifting equipment with proper safety standards to major projects and has become one of the most preferred vendors in recent times. Lift N Shift Equipment Trading LLC is known for quality products, timely service, and commitment to customer support in the future as well.

Products/Services Offered

When it comes to lifting equipment, the quality must be maintained. It is a hefty investment from the company's end, and Lift N Shift Equipment ensures that they provide value for money. The company only reputed brands for all lifting equipment. Some of the brands supplied by Lift N Shift include Vanbeest, DSR, Interrope, Hitachi, Pewag, and CMCO.

You can source wire and rope fittings in 6x37 class, 19x7 WSC, 35x7 Compacted, SS-316, SS-304 variants, thimbles, and sockets. They also supply different types of hoist and chain blocks such as electric chain hoist, low headroom hoist, manual chain block, manual lever hoist, geared trolley, push trolley, and electric trolleys for material movements.

In lifting equipment, the company also provides high-quality chains, links, nylon ropes, hooks, connectors, webbing slings, and hoists of different grades. Lift N Shift also supplies lashing equipment such as turnbuckles, load binders, lashing chain, wire rope clip, cargo
lashing bands, and tirfors.

As a responsible company, Lift N Shift also provides safety equipment for the operators in such industries. You can get Full Body Harnesses, Work Positioning Belts, Safety belts, Lanyards, rescue kit, Confined Space Entry Kit with Tripod, Emergency Rescue and Evacuation Kit, Horizontal lifelines, Vertical lifelines, and Temporary anchor line kits.

Lift N Shift also provides onsite socketing, onsite spooling, and third party inspection services.


The firm has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification as a testament for its commitment towards product quality, service quality, and safety standards followed. All of their products are compliant with the local and government regulations set forth.

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