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LED Global Electrical Trading LLC Dubai

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Electrical Energy | LED Lighting | LED Lights | LED Power | Linar Lighting | Supreme Lighting

Company Profile

LED Global Electrical Trading LLC-Profile

"We do not just trading LED lights, we seek to make people's lives better. To reach this aim, we create environmentally friendly and stylish lighting solutions that offer a powerful competitive advantage to our customers in all parts of the world." CEO of H.T.E

We established in 2012 under Lighting Category in the UAE. It was established by forming a LED GLOBAL LLC, the lighting division of HTE, we are LED lighting distribution and solutions for indoor/outdoor applications and both residential and commercial uses. As well as having a wider range of finished LED lighting products, LED GLOBAL aims to bring the efficiency of its LEDs lighting products to all possible aspects and dimensions of lighting. Our holistic and intuitive approach to lighting technology distinguishes us from most LED suppliers highly motivated team of staffs with long track records in the UAE

Since inception we have devoted ourselves in provisioning creative lighting solutions to our clients who are from various verticals of industry like Hotels, Resorts, Retail Shops, Restaurants, Museums, Offices, Private residences and Government Organisations.

We undertake lighting and electrical projects and give the positive inputs to help clients get the benefits of maximising resources, have reduced overheads and have the end-result that are truly appealing to the eyes.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152