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Kodak Near East Incorporated Dubai

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Kodak Near East Incorporated Profile

Kodak has transformed itself into a technology company focused on imaging for business. Today\s Kodak provides: o Disruptive technologies and breakthrough solutions in the fast-growing product goods packaging, functional and digital printing markets, where Kodak is enabling customers to achieve transformational improvements in efficiency, quality and productivity o Quality enhancements for customers of our successful, established businesses in graphics and entertainment. o Professional services that help businesses redefine information flow and security. Kodak\s transformation As a result of its reorganization, Kodak today is leaner, financially stronger and ready to grow - poised to take advantage of the digital transition underway in packaging markets; the growing demand for graphic communications products and services in emerging markets; and dynamic growth in the market for printed electronics, sensors, fuel cells and other printed products with functions beyond visual communications. Building on a Technology Heritage Using the expertise, the company that delivered the first roll film, the first electronic color separation scanner to prepare images for printing, the first cameras to go to the moon, and the first digital camera, is now delivering leading solutions for todays business customers. These include: o Digital presses that can print a 260-page novel in 2.25 seconds o Flexographic systems that make packaging more vibrant and eye-catching for shoppers o Continuous manufacturing processes to mass-produce touch screen sensors o Devices that image more than 30% of digital plates used for offset printing worldwide o Printing plates that reduce environmental impact by eliminating use of chemistry and processing o And many more... Kodak also has more than 7,500 active commercial imaging patents - a depth of intellectual property that enables partnerships with other innovators to create new markets, and disrupt existing markets with new solutions.


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