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Jernas Tanya General Trading LLC Dubai


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Flanges | Power Saver | Safety Shoes | Terminator | UPS

Company Profile

Thank you for the opportunity

Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to introduce the services offered by Jernas Tanya General Trading L.L.C. We have been catering to the UAE market since 1995. Our goal is to provide our customers with right quality products at competitive pricing; we have tied up with different Companies for providing our customers with best solutions.
Jernas Tanya General Trading L.L.C prides itself as on the leading Company in Electronic Spare parts and electrical. We provide the latest in technology and quality equipment.
Our Clientele includes the likes of:-
Jumbo Electronics, JVC Electronics, Hitachi, Imdaad, Dulsco, Betomatic, Emirates Glass, DUBAL, Emirates Global Aluminium FBM KNM, Emirates Float Glass, Higher College of Technology , Al Futtaim Electronics , Rak Ceramics and many more. We Export our products to other countries as well.

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WhatsApp us on +971564117152