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Jamaica Trading Company LLC Dubai

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Batteries & Battery Chargers | Cameras | Chemical Products | Color Negatives | Digital Cameras | Instant Films | Magnetic Tapes | Photographic Chemicals | Silver Halide Paper | Thermal Papers | Thermal Printers

Company Profile

Jamaica Trading Company LLC Profile

Jamiaca Trading Co LLC was established in the year 1995 in Dubai by Mr. Mahesh B. Lalwani who is its Chairman. From a very humble and modest beginning, it has been able to spread its roots in the export and import market by establishing another office in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area in the year 1998. With the passage of time, the Company has grown from strength to strength and it is now one of the most recognized and respectable faces in the photography industry.We take a lot of pride in announcing the brand ownership of UNOMAT® INTERNATIONAL, Germany in the year 2010. JTC now holds the Copyright of UNOMAT® Products worldwide. UNOMAT® product spectrum ranges from photographic chemicals, batteries to thermal printers and consumables.A COMPANY IS ONLY AS GOOD AS IT CAN KEEP ITS PROMISES. Jamaica Trading Co LLC is a professional manufacturing and distribution house committed to: Manufacturing and distribution of UNOMAT® INTERNATIONAL products worldwide. Different product boasts of different Management Certifications of ISO. Distributing world renowned brands and local merchandise to our customers in different markets spread across globally. Establish congenial environment for better employee motivation. Service differentiation which will help in exceeding customers and vendors expectations and satisfactions. Establishing long term relationship and close knit strategic alliances with Principals and customers. Our vision is, there should be WIN - WIN situation not only for the Company but also for its associates. Our endeavor in pursuit of our mission and vision will eventually help us in better positioning ourselves which will ultimately result In better customer satisfaction.

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