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Ismat Engineering Sharjah

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Company Profile

ISMAT Engineering became an entity

ISMAT Engineering became an entity in 1995 to produce Rubber components for catering to the automobile, construction and the industrial market.
The founder of ISMAT, Mr. Yakub Ali Hussain, Shk. Sajjad Hussain & Mr. Shabbir Kapi started a rubber industry in Chennai (INDIA) in 1981 to cater to the original equipments requirements of Rubber Components especially in the Earthmoving vehicles, Valves and Automobile industries. They envisaged pronounced requirement and strong potential demand for 'O' Rings, Hydraulic Seals, PTFE Seatings, Washers, etc.
In 1995 ISMAT commissioned it's factory in Sharjah by acquiring 30000 sq.ft. of land in Industrial Area 15 and constructing an expandable superstructure of 20000 sq.ft.
ISMAT houses both moulding and extrusion facilities in rubber and moulding facilities in PTFE with and employee strength of 100.
Today the Company has a turnover of more than AED 15 million approximately and has a customer base of more than 200.

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