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Intersel Dowding And Mills FZCO Jebel Ali

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Intersel Dowding And Mills FZCO Profile

Intersel was established in 1986 as a small electrical motor and generator repair facility. From this modest beginning, the company has developed and is now recognized as the leading specialist in the Gulf Region for the overhaul, repair, rewinding and testing of small, medium and large electrical motors and generators.
In-house repairs have ranged from fractional horsepower motors at low voltage to over 6000 hp at up to 13.8kV. The largest generator stator and rotor repairs undertaken include a complete stator and rotor rewind of 39,540 kVA, 13.8 kV, 3600 rpm "Brush Turbo Generator".
Our involvement with the offshore oil industry has been extensive, with the supply, repair and refurbishment of GE752 and EMD D79 traction motors, generators and Baylor brakes used to power off shore and land based drill rigs.
Site work has also developed with the rewinding of a 93,750 KVA Ansaldo generator being one of the major repairs undertaken. Our site engineers have worked in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan, Jordan, India, Libya, Algeria, KSA and Malaysia as well as all Emirates in the UAE. Being situated within Jebel Ali Free Zone UAE, Intersel Dowding & Mills FZCO has been heavily involved with marine electrical repairs ranging from routine monitoring to the removal, rewinding and commissioning of ships generators.

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